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 Spectacular sets, vintage costumes and dinners are at the base of our events, with a single purpose: INVOLVING!

The castle Bevilacqua lives thanks to the presence of the public that follows our initiatives, encouraging us to always improve.

We offer, in fact, events throughout the year that allow customers to take a "dip" in the past that will transport them in the fourteenth century, making the typical elements of this area resurface.
We invite you to join us and experience our experience and our fabulous location!


Visite Guidate Castello Bevilacqua: Tour con il Proprietario2443

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Visite Guidate Castello Bevilacqua: Tour con il Proprietario


Guided tours of Bevilacqua Castle offer an extraordinary experience thanks to the direct participation of the castle's owner. This unique opportunity allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the history and atmosphere of the castle, guided by the person who knows every nook and cranny of the building.



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