Il Castello  Bevilacqua
a story started 25 years ago...

Bevilacqua Castle was built in 1336 by Guglielmo Bevilacqua and successively completed by his son, Francesco. The castle was surrounded by a wide moat and three rings of fortified walls joined by a drawbridge and had both defensive and state functions. Over the centuries it suffered considerable damage in the numerous wars against the Venetian Republic, by which it had been seized. In around 1532 Gianfrancesco Bevilacqua commissioned to the architect Michele Sanmicheli the complete modernisation of the medieval building, which was thus transformed into a country home fitted with the newest and most comfortable interiors. In 1756 Gaetano Ippolito Bevilacqua resumed the work on the castle, restoring a large part of its interiors. However, it was burnt by Austrian troops in the nineteenth century and was consequently once again restored in 1860 by Felicita Bevilacqua and her husband, who gave the entire building a neogothic look the romantic tastes of the period.

The Cerato family commenced important in keeping with restoration work in 1990, which has helped to restore the ancient splendour of Sanmicheli’s sixteenth-century interiors. The castle is situated between Padua and Verona, 5 km from Montagnana, in 25,000 square metres of parkland. It is an ideal setting for weddings and meetings and has 40 rooms furnished with antique furniture and two conference halls able to seat up to 250 people. Each floor can accommodate up to 500 people, thus offering the opportunity to organise social gatherings for large groups. The porticoed inner courtyard offers additional room, which is ideal for buffets and special evenings. A beautiful and unique hanging garden featuring centuries-old plants surrounds the medieval complex on three sides.

The castle is affectionately known as “The Bevilacqua” and features a reservations-only restaurant and a magnificent suite, making it ideal for weddings, banquets, Renaissance-themed dinners and meetings, also due to its car park that can accommodate over 300 vehicles.




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