Today the Castello Bevilacqua offers you the possibility to do the civil ceremony into the structure in a legal way: Bevilacqua’s town hall recognized this castle as a place where your wedding ceremony can be celebrated.


To satisfy this desire, the Castello Bevilacqua has been chosen by the majority of the people like a location where they can celebrate their civil ceremony thanks to the agreement signed between Bevilacqua’s town hall and the castle in the same city.

Castello Bevilacqua with its suggestive external garden and the elegant internal room it’s perfect for weddings.

Our wedding planners will be able to recommend you the best decorations based on what you need or what you like; they will be able to propose you elegant, refined and elaborate solutions like an American style.
At Castello Bevilacqua you can find the right directions for a wedding banquet with our internal kitchen followed by the castle's chef. They will be able to propose you different dishes to satisfy every guest.

Don’t wait to fulfill your desire: Castello Bevilacqua’s staff is available for you to visit this location!

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