The amanuensis

An educational path to understand Gothic writing. Using nibs, ink and parchment paper the kids will be guided to the creation of a personalized bookmark.

The archer

With the construction of one of our master archer costumed (FIARC instructor), the boys will approach the art of archery.

The leather craftsman

A pleasant experience to understand the importance and patience of a manual work such as the processing of leather in which the boys will prepare a purse that they will keep as a memento of the day.

The alchemist

The boys will discover the sotira and science at the base of the ancient and mysterious art of alchemy. In this educational workshop, the boys will attend a chemical experiment that will lead them to personalize their tea.

Guided tour of the Bevilacqua Castle

A team of animators in costume involves the boys in a fun and exciting experience in contact with the story in which they will know the customs and customs of medieval times.

The carousel with the saracen shooting

Children use foam ponies and padded mini-lances to hit cardboard shields.

The paper

The little ones learn to build a sheet of paper that they can bring into their homes as a reminder of the day.

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