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Euganei Hills

The regional park of the Euganei Hills contains a great natural and cultural heritage with deep historical origins: its particular position, the volcanic genesis and its several climatic conditions get the area something unique, due to natural, historical, cultural and culinary aspects.

The area include 15 little cities that are located at the foot of Hills or in the Hills, where it is possible to discover several activities, such as sport, mountain-bike, natural excursions as well as the different farms and wineries where it’s possible to taste the typical products of region.

The Euganei Hills have been home in 4th century of one of the most famous Italian poet in the word: Francesco Petrarca, in fact he has lived for 5 years in one of the most fascinating hamlets of Euganei Hills, this is Arquà Petrarca.
The village still preserves the house and the remains of the great poet.